Make your Dad special in Father’s Day

Fathers is like a wall and roof of our homes. He is always ready to depend when heavy storms come. Anyone can father a child, but being a dad takes a lifetime. Fathers play a role in every child’s life that cannot be filled by others. This role can have a large impact on a child and help shape him or her into the person they become.

Some may have a perfect father but some does not have, but that would not except you on celebrating fathers day.Fathers Day

In every third Sunday of June, ‘Fathers Day’ is celebrated across the world with the objective of realizing and honoring the contribution of fathers in the society. It is a day which celebrates the fatherhood, paternal bonds and the efforts of male parents towards their family and society.

To honor your father, here are my best fathers day gift ideas, that will make your dad special!

  1. Personalized items. A shirt that tells how you treasure and love your dad is a best choice! Maybe a mug with you and your dad photo is another option. A hand written letter or card is sweet too. Personalized items could never be wrong as long as you put your heart into it.
  2. Coffee and extra large coffee mug. Most fathers love coffee. It is their morning boaster in starting their day. You will always see a father reaching a mug of coffee while reading daily news or making some DIY and repairs in the kitchen. Partnered with a big mug, your dad will surely delighted.
  3. Grooming kits.  Your father already has a lifetime supply of ties, socks, and grilling gear. So for Father’s Day this year, get him a grooming gift he’ll use — and one we bet he doesn’t already have. Buy him a heated razor, a cologne made with clean ingredients, a conditioning shampoo for thinning hair, and a complete set of shaving tools. These are products that your dad never buy for himself but will definitely appreciate once he has them.
  4. Gift Certificates for Spa and Saloons. A good haircut, hand and foot spa will energize, and give a relaxation for your dad. These are the things dad will not usually do but surely make them happy.
  5. Time. The best gift your dad will surely like is time. Spend time with your dad, just  chatting, telling her story and make him laugh. Prepare a simple dinner with your mom and siblings will surely shows how he is special. In this fast pace society ‘Time’ has been neglected and we often talk to our parents via phone. Spending enough time with your father will help you understand him more.

Making your dad special is not just on ‘Father Day’ but hopefully all throughout his life. Father’s are proud and prideful. They may be hard on the surface but definitely soft inside when it comes to their children. Father’s could make mistake but, we as children will be always willing to forgive and forget. You maybe a son today but someday you will become a father and you will realize what a good father should be.

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers and dad out there!

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