Over 7 Million Filipinos have Diabetes

More than 7 million Filipinos have diabetes – and half of them don’t know. This was revealed by World Health Organization (WHO) which said the Philippines has one out of every five Filipinos has diabetes. Four percent of it is responsible for over half of limb amputations.

Worldwide, diabetes affects about.100 million people. At least  17 million Americans have it according, to the American Diabetes Association. Left unchecked, the number of diabetics could reach over 160 million in the coming years.

Diabetes nellitus or sugar diabetes in Latin means “flowing honey” which the name is given to the sweet- smelling urine produced by diabetics.

How it starts

How does diabetes begin?  What happens is that the body is unable to process carbohydrates (sugars and starches) which give us energy. Normally, these sugars and starches are convex into a form of sugar called glucose.

When blood sugar levels rise, the pancreas produces the hormone insulin to reduce the sugar content in the blood. Glucose is then transported to body cells where it is converted to energy or stored for later use.

“That’s what should happen. When you have diabetes, however, the body stops producing insulin or becomes unable to use the insulin it does produce.  Without insulin, the glucose can’t enter the cells and be used as fuel.  Instead, this sugar builds up in the bloodstream, eventually ending up in the urine. In short, the blood sugar rises while the cells go hungry,” explained the editors of Consumer Guide in The Women’s Book of Home Remedies.

Sweet death

The rise in blood sugar levels (a condition called hyperglycemia) creates a lot of problems for diabetics. It’ damages  nerve  and  blood  vessels,  causing  impotence,  kidney disease,  stroke, blindness, heart disease, high blood  pressure, and blood flaw problems  leading to the amputation of the feet or legs.

“Many men who have diabetes – perhaps as many as 60 percent – are impotent. Diabetics are more than 11 times more likely than other adults to be hospitalized for amputations. They are at risk of developing cataracts, an area of the lens that cannot transmit light, and diabetic retinopathy, which is damage to the retina,” said the editors of Consumer- Guide in the Medical Book of Health Hints & Tips.

No symptoms

The bad news about diabetes is that people may have no symptoms at all. When they do realize they have diabetes, it’ may be too late.

Majority of -diabetics may have the disease for 7 years without feeling anything. During that period, they may complain of tiredness or lack of energy which most of us experience from time to time. It’s only upon examination by a vigilant doctor that the disease is found.

New Hope 

Diabetes treatment is expensive. Most of Filipinos cannot afford the maintenance and insulin treatments, but now there is an affordable all-natural way to deal with diabetes. BIOHERB is a choice 4-in-1 natural treatment with known hypoglycemic affect against high blood sugar. BIOHERB

“We at Nutra Berde Inc. want to provide Filipinos an all-natural way to manage diabetes.It is a disease that is a growing cause of mortabidity in the country,” said Mark Lopez, president of Nutra Berde Inc during a recently held townhall at Mario’s restaurant which attended by selected guest and media.

BIOHERB was first introduced by Dr. Jaime Galvez Tan,  a former Department of Health (DOH) secretary. Manufactured by La Croesus Pharma Inc., this amazing food supplement is packed with leaf extracts of four plants known to be effective in lowering sugar levels, such as Ampalaya, Banaba, Camote and Duhat. Another name for BIOHERB is ABCD tablet which stands for these four plants.

The people behind BIOHERB with Mark Lopez and Dr. Jaime Galvez Tan

Each of these green plant ingredients contain compounds that are beneficial to those with or predisposed to diabetes. Every BIOHERB tablets contains the right dosage of these nutrients to make it more safe and effective. These plants also contain anti-oxidants which help improve the body’s overall health, and help strengthen the body’s metabolism.

The best thing with BIOHERB is, there is no side effects because of these natural ingredients. “With BIOHERB, you are just eating your vegetables in tablet form,” Lopez added.

BIOHERB is available in Mercury Drugstores and leading drug stores nationwide at Php 11.00 (SRP) per 500 mg. tablet.

For more information visit BIOHERB Facebook page BIOHERB Food Supplement