Julia Saubier: A princess destined to be a queen

Every girl’s dream is to be a princess. Yes, we are all princess in the eyes of our parents, friends, and relatives, but not all of us can become a queen. A queen who excels not only in beauty, but with a big heart and intelligence as well. One who is born to be a leader and who can help our country.Julia Saubier

Meeting Julia Saubier made me believe that there is such a queen. Julia is a product of globalization. Her father is French who came to the Philippines in the ‘90s and met her mother at the Alliance Française Manila.

Julia Saubier Julia Saubier with my fellow mom partner of modernmomsworld.com Tet Defensor

Her father was an IT consultant who later lost his job and suffered a heart attack but survived. After that, he tried to forge a career in social enterprise. He taught Julia that service to others and to your country should be at the center of everything you do.

To make ends meet, Julia’s mom worked as a dentist. Julia describes her as the most selfless person she knows. She wears humility with grace and inspired her to follow suit.

Julia stands 5’11” and love sports. In her high school years, she represented the country across South and Southeast Asia for soccer, basketball, track, and theatre, before graduating with honors and a full-scholarship at NYU Abu Dhabi.

“I have always led an unconventional life. Choosing to study in Abu Dhabi for college is only one of the many unusual paths I have chosen to take,” she said.

When asked why she decided to join the Binibining Pilipinas beauty pageant, she remarked:

“In some ways this was not my plan, but in most, this is all I was ever meant to do. Because I was tall, my relatives and extended family always said that I should join he pageant and become Miss Universe someday. I never seriously considered this because I was focused on my studies. But it wasn’t after Megan Young won the Miss World title in 2013 that I realized this platform would allow me to elevate my voice and maximize my impact both here and abroad.

“I wanted to join the pageant after that, but I know I have many other goals to pursue, things to learn, countries to visit, and people to meet before becoming the best and most qualified representative of the country,” she explained.

Julia admits she had no intention of joining the pageant this year since she had to finish her masters and train a lot. But when Catriona Gray won the Miss Universe crown, she believed that was her cue to rise to the occasion and hopefully become the next Miss Universe.

Knowng Julia, I’m confident that she will win. With her sharp wit and many talents, it’s not difficult to picture her as the next Queen.

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