Cedarhills Garden, a haven for urban gardeners

Gardening is good for the health. Several studies have proven that those who find pleasure in pruning   greens are a happier and more relaxed.

Let’s face our minds are plugged-in 24/7. Whether we are in a meeting, preparing a report, answering a call, or simply doing our household chores, are brains are charged up, always ready to perform the task on hand. But like any high functioning organ, our minds get tired. It needs to rest so that it can work effectively when needed.

Stepping out in the garden to enjoy the greens can help reboot our over worked mental wires. The whole idea of pausing, putting everything aside (our work, our chores, our phones) to simply focus on the now, can refresh our tired senses.

Cedarhills Garden Center

The sound of the wind, fragrant blooms, colorful leaves, the magic of nature can make us appreciate the beauty of life, and inspire us to be more productive.

If you live in the city, it would be nice to keep a park directory on hand on days when you have to clear your head. Or better yet, create your own patch of green at home. If the space is limited, start with potted plants, or make a terrarium to add to your decorative pieces.

Cedarhills Garden Center regularly holds Dish Gardening and Terrarium making workshops.

Located at Mother Ignacia St, Quezon City, Cedarhills is a haven for gardening hobbyists, plant enthusiasts and urban farmers. The store sells various species of seedlings, plants, flowers, different types of soils, fertilizers and gardening tools.

For the very first workshop, the owners invited bloggers and media to try their hand in dish gardening and terrarium making.

Cedarhills kicked off the workshop through inviting press and bloggers to experience making garden dishes and terrariums. They had a hands-on experience on the materials to be used, the step-by-step process and the maintenance of the plants.

A dish garden, is actually a miniature garden set-up in a shallow dish or bowl. It is important that the plant are compatible since it will serve as a mini ecosystem. The greens must stay small, or grow slowly.

A terrarium is a glass container with soil and plants. It is often kept as a decorative or an ornamental item, and so it is important that the plants are artistically arranged so that it is pleasing to the eyes.

Cedarhills Garden Center aims to promote a healthier and greener surrounding, by inspiring people to have a garden in their homes.

Established in year 2000, the place was initially called Green 2000 Garden Center. It was initially located at Sumulong highway in Rizal, catering to garden enthusiasrs and urban hobbyists. It moved to Manila Seedling Bank Environmental Center in 2002 and then to no. 57 Mother Ignacia in 2013.

Cedarhills Garden is open from Monday-Saturday: 9:00am – 6:00pm. To know more about the schedule of their workshops, contact them on 0907-ORGANIC and 926-2707 or follow them on Facebook: fb.com/cedarhillsgardencenter.