Do Kids Need Sunglasses?

Summer in the Philippines is really hot and one basic eye protection is sunglasses. But some parents asked if do kids really need to wear sunglasses?sunglasses

Here’s my thought:

Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays can damage your eyes. Practically everyone is aware of that fact and wears sunglasses to protect their sight. Unfortunately, a lot of parents don’t give their kids the same protection. They probably think their kids are immune to the problem.

But experts say otherwise. Kids can also experience sun damage and their eyes may suffer in the long run. If your child doesn’t spend the whole day under the sun, the problem isn’t as bad as you think since kids naturally protect their eyes by squinting. But if they’re out all day or spend a lot of time in the water or at the beach where there is intense glare, that’s a different story.

Kids who get sunburn before 18 years old will end up with wrinkles than those who experience sunburn later in life. That’s the reason why children’s sunglasses are important. Since their eyes are more sensitive to light and UV damage accumulates over a period of time, you should protect them as early as possible. To do this, invest in a good pair of quality sunglasses that block 99 to 100 percent of UV-A and UV-B rays.

When selecting sunglasses for your child, make sure they fit closely to the face and have larger lenses for optimum sun protection. Let them follow your example. If you teach children early in life about the dangers of sunlight, they are more likely to mimic you and wear sunglasses.

But if you have a hard time convincing your kid to use sunglasses, try letting your child wear what he or she wants as long as it provides the right protection. The British Columbia Association of Optometrists recommends the use of sunglasses for everyone, including infants.