Experience real beauty at Avignon Laser Dermatology

Who does not want to be beautiful and have a flawless and fresh looking skin? Most of women today spend so much time and effort to achieved the real beauty. Investing your hard earned money is quite painful sometimes but if you see the best result money is just a secondary. That’s why in Avignon Laser Dermatology, they always offer the best!Avignon Laser Dermatology

Avignon Laser Dermatology is a formidable alternative clinic to skin and aesthetic concerns. It even exceeds the quality and services  of other beauty centers, yet it is more affordable with the same results.

It is powered by advanced aesthetic devices and manned by expert professionals. Headed by their Medical Director
Dr. Ma. Angela Tomacruz- Cumagun, a Chairman, Department of Dermatology University of Santo Tomas Hospital, Fellow, Philippine Dermatological Society, Chair, Contact Dermatitis Subspecialty Group Philippine Dermatological Society in 2015 -2016, Regional Advisory Board for Scar Management, Teaching Position: Associate Professor II Faculty of Medicine and Surgery University of Santo Tomas.

Apart from UST, Dr. Angel also hold clinic at Cardinal Santos Medical Center in San Juan and Asian Hospital and Medical Center in Alabang.

Another excellent doctor is Regina Grace Buzon-Llorin, MD, MBAH. Dr. Reg, as she is fondly called, has a business degree in Health with almost 15 years of experience in the field of Aesthetic Medicine, marked with both local and international training, having worked with the country’s top Aesthetic Clinic.

She has assumed many roles during her career- clinic manager, medical device and aesthetic trainer for doctors and nurses and medical operations head. She has also lead clinical studies for different machines and participated in the research of new treatments or services and products.

Also on board are Dr. Candy Estrada, Dr. April Rivera, and Dr. Angela Santos as Board Certified Consulting Dermatologists, Philippine Dermatological Society.

Avignon Laser Dermatology Center signature services are:

The Glow Laser

There are many laser treatments in the market but under deliver. They either under treat you which basically does nothing to the skin or they over treat you which leaves your skin more damaged than before.

With Avignon Pore and Line Laser (PLL) you will instantly get that glow right after the first treatment, thus the moniker Glow Laser. It visibly reduces pores and fine lines in less than 30 minutes, no cutting, no needles and definitely no social downtime. Make PLL your glowing secret and maintain that youthful vibrancy.

The Avignon Pore and Line Laser (PLL) is powered by internationally recognized Clear + Brilliant from Solta Medical, a trustworthy device company based in the United States.

A True Beauty Retreat

The Avignon MesoBioLift Skin Reset is your facial reset switch for your stressed and somber skin. When you just don’t have the time for a relaxing vacation or a spa retreat to disconnect from it all, let the Skin Reset perform its wonders.

Skin Reset is the first technology which uses endo-thermal energy for firming the skin and decongestion of tissues. Its signal synchronizes radio frequency and direct current in order to activate the reformation of the skin cells and to increase absorption active ingredients in serums and creams.

The result is a fully recovered skin like you slept for more than 8 hours. MesoBioLift Skin Reset quickly reboots your face with smoother expression lines and redefined contours. What is even more amazing is this can also be done on the neck, arms and body!

TLC and then Some

We all love TLC but could there be something more? Thermage TLC Max is unique to Avignon Laser Dermatology, we have combined different techniques and technologies to achieve maximum results in non-invasive face lifting. Avignon Thermage TLC Max was perfected by our board certified experts over the years and guaranteed to Tighten, Lift and Contour.

Truly no down time and literally a lunch time procedure which can be completed in under an hour. Results are immediately visible and it gets better over time and you only have to do it once a year. We haven’t mentioned the best part, it is pain free and no anesthesia required.

There are over 2million procedures done with Thermage and Avignon Laser Dermatology is happy to partner with the #1 provider of skin tightening treatments worldwide.

Avignon Laser Dermatology is also recognized for the following achievements:
1. Certificate of Authenticity for MesoBioLift
2. Second installation of Mesobiolift in the Country (You can only get Mesobiolift Skin Reset from the two installations, making it a very exclusive service)
3. Certificate of Authenticity for Silk Peel by Envy Medical USA (as there are many copycats of silk peel due to its growing popularity, we ensure that we get the legitimate one.)

To experience these best beauty and skin treatments visit Avignon Laser Dermatology is located at 101 Ground Floor, Fort Victoria, 4th Ave and 23rd St., BGC, Taguig.

For more information about Avignon Laser Dermatology, follow their Instagram @avignonclinic or visit www.avignonlaser.com. You can also keep in touch by calling 09176368732.