WHAT WOULD MOM DO?: A Guide to Filipino Moms

There is a certain branding that comes with Filipino Moms that make them so unique compared to other moms around the globe – from the way they show their love, to their knowledge in the household unparalleled to any guide in the internet.

You’ve heard these lines; memorized them, even! You know exactly how these mom reminders go, and we’re counting down a few to take you back to your childhood, where Mom’s love ring closest to your heart.

1. Ayan, kakacomputer mo!

SM Appliance Center
#WhatWouldMomDo – Mommy Sandy

This classic line was often the root cause of all your sickness, apparently!
Back then, when dial-up connection was your only way to stay online, social media hadn’t invaded your life and surfing the net revolved around Friendster and Flash games, she constantly worried about your computer usage, seeing 3 hours of continuous browsing as the reason why your eyes are going blurry, and why your grades are going down.

While those are fair assumptions, it is still unheard of to use the argument when you’re sick with the flu, or when your stomach is hurting!

2. Lumayo ka nga sa TV; masisira yang mata mo!

Netflix and on-demand streaming websites were unknown then, so the only watch to watch your favorite shows were to wait in front of the television before it airs. Remember the Meteor Garden craze or the rise of the Korean Drama wave? You’d stay glued to the television, as close as you could possibly be, only to be constantly reminded by Mom to inch back a few steps.SM Appliance Center

If only you knew how it would affect your eyes in the long run – so thanks Mom, for the reminder every time you pass by the living room!

3. Wag kang tumambay diyan sa harap ng ref, mahal ang kuryente!

Somehow, when your indecisiveness regarding snacks strikes, Mom is always walking around in the kitchen. To your defense, you were checking the contents of the fridge for only five seconds when Mom walked in. In a rush, you pull out the first thing you see and leave, only to realize you weren’t in the mood for that snack at all.
Still, her point was valid; she was worried about the electricity bill, and appliances back then ate up a lot more electricity than the newer models you have now.

Your mom’s expertise knows no bounds, that’s why in SM Appliance’s What Would Mom Do campaign, they attempt to showcase that through a series of video tidbits that reminds you of what home really is, all while keeping Mom’s love the center of it all!SM Appliance Center

Did some of these take you back? Tag your Mom and share some of her classic lines with us!

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