How to Be a Good Defensive Basketball Player

To be a good defensive basketball player, there are certain points to consider. Knowing these points will help you become a better player. Basically, these deal with your position in the private area of the player holding the ball.

Learn how to penetrate your opponent’s “bubble.” By invading this spot, you make dribbles, passes, or shots difficult. This can be done by using your body weight, hands, and being the best player you can be.healthfrontiersandmore.comPhoto grab from Google images

If you aren’t committed to blocking your opponent, you’re doomed to fail even if you follow the tips below. Start with an intense desire to be a good defensive player and everything else will follow. With that in mind, here are some tips to consider:

Ensure that your head is lower than the head of the person you’re guarding. If you’re lower than him, you can move faster than him. If your opponent lowers his head to drive, lower your head, even more, to keep in front of him.

Your feet should be positioned as wide as your shoulders. Balance your weight on the balls of your feet. If you happen to be flat-footed or keep your legs close together, you’ll find it hard to move quickly. This will allow offensive players to dribble around you.

To avoid this, keep your knees bent slightly and your butt low. Keep one hand extended high enough to guard shots and passes while the other hand should be extended low on the ball.

To avoid being fooled by your opponent, keep your eyes on his waist. This will tell you where he’s going. Most inexperienced players focus on the eyes, head, or legs of their opponents. Others watch the ball. If you do this, the offender can fake a pass, fake a shot, or fake where he’s going. Watch your opponent’s waist since he can’t go anywhere without it. If you are a basketball fan and wanted to know basketball updates make sure to download basketball mobile and free android sports app.

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