Exotic Coffee Anyone?

Like many people, you enjoy drinking coffee and savour every moment of it. It’s one of life’s simple pleasures that you can’t live without. But have you ever wondered how many coffee varieties there are? How many have you tasted and what makes them different from each other?

Just as it takes many coffee beans to make a cup of your favourite blend, there are numerous varieties of coffee worldwide. The coffee family is a huge one consisting of several plants. In Africa alone, there are several wild types but not all of them are commercially viable.Aside from cappuccino and espresso – the two most common types of coffee – you can find a wide range of exotic coffees in different countries depending on how creative the “barista” or the person who makes coffee is. These gourmet coffees carry names like Turkish coffee or dancing coffee and are flavoured with local spices and liquor to give them a distinctive taste.

In Vietnam, for instance, a little animal called a weasel (although it’s really a type of civet) loves to eat the fruit of the coffee plant. But the seeds don’t sit well in its tummy so it vomits them after a while. Rather than leave the seeds to rot, ingenious coffee makers gather the vomited seeds and roast them to make a delicious blend. Its unique taste comes from the weasel’s stomach acids that supposedly eliminate the bitter taste of the coffee beans.

This is a good example of an exotic blend that many coffee lovers aren’t aware of. Whether or not they will buy it, however, remains to be seen. We seriously doubt if the idea of drinking coffee made from beans eaten and then vomited up by a bulimic weasel will sell here. But then again, who knows?