Injectable Glutathione Risky – FDA

Aware that many people are obsessed with whiter skin, some beauty spas are offering expensive glutathione injections or intravenous (IV) glutathione to clients.

Compared to oral glutathione supplements, proponents claim that the injections are the fastest way of delivering glutathione into the bloodstream. They said this ensures optimum glutathione absorption and better results.No matter how tempting that offer may be, don’t fall for it. The local Food and Drug Administration said the excessive use of intravenous skin whitener glutathione may cause kidney and liver problems in the long run.

Bad effects

Doctors added that the use of injectable or IV glutathione may also turn your hair white and cause infections, allergic reactions, and swollen skin. To make matters worse, the dosage required to lighten skin color is not known.

Some glutathione kits sold online may be contaminated and may affect users in a bad way. Many are fake glutathione that won’t do anything but empty the buyer’s pocket. Because of this, getting a glutathione injection is like playing Russian roulette. You’ll never know what’s going to happen.    Glutathione has its proper place in medicine. This substance may be injected into the muscle or vein to prevent or reduce the unwanted side effects of chemotherapy for cancer. The decision to use IV glutathione or glutathione injections should be made by a qualified doctor based on the patient’s health and condition.

Asthmatics Beware!

However, this form of glutathione should never be used for skin whitening. It is contraindicated in asthmatics because this procedure may worsen the condition.

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Unique Formula

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