Hoda Kotb’s New Baby Gets Huge Gift From Andy Cohen

We were all so surprised and excited when the “Today” show’s Hoda Kotb revealed last week that she had adopted a two week old baby girl! Her name is Haley Jo, and she is absolutely adorable! We are so happy for Hoda, and we know that she is going to make a fabulous mom! While Hoda is busy spoiling her new baby girl, she’s not the only one! Hoda revealed on Twitter that Bravo’s Andy Cohen sent her new baby a huge Snoopy doll as a gift. So sweet of Andy to send such a thoughtful and cute gift!

Hoda and baby Haley Joy

“Thank you @Andy…as soon as she wakes up… she will meet her first gigantic @snoopy!” Hoda posted along with a photo of herself hugging a super giant Snoopy doll. So cute!

We know that all of Hoda’s friends and family are overjoyed with the news of little Haley’s arrival, and we are so happy for Hoda as well!

The 52 year old has been with boyfriend Joel Schiffman for three years now, and the two recently moved in together. The two tweeted an adorable selfie last week with them holding up their coffee cups with the caption “Let’s hear it for caffeine!” So funny! Looks like Hoda is definitely getting down the most important part of motherhood: the caffeine intake!