For Piolo, spotlight still in sight at 40

The saying goes that “life begins at 40.” However, this is also the age when undesirable physical developments start to appear, and one of the most telling signs of being four decades old are eye problems that begin to set in, such as presbyopia, Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and cataracts.But is it possible to keep one’s vision healthy at age 40? One celebrity who can say yes to this is Piolo Pascual. Piolo’s expressive eyes have allowed him to dominate both the silver screen and television. His eyes light up in romances, pierce through rivals in action-thrillers and brim with tears in dramas, as shown by his lead roles in blockbuster films such as Milan, Dekada ’70, and Relaks It’s Just Pag-ibig, as well as popular series like Mangarap Ka, Lobo, Apoy sa Dagat and Hawak-Kamay.

Piolo is also known as a fitness advocate who walks his talk. He fits time for exercise and outdoor activity in between tapings and public appearances. He watches his food intake, these days focusing more on vegetables rich in Vitamin A to maintain his eyesight, and tries to get as much sleep as possible given his hectic schedule.

During the surprise birthday party thrown by his family and close friends from showbiz, Piolo continues to emphasize the importance of taking care of one’s health, and ensuring and protecting clear eyesight. He understands that people who enter their 40s, like himself, become prone to presbyopia or near-vision blurriness, hence he recommends having the eyes checked up regularly. He also believes that the key to keeping the eyes and vision healthy into midlife are prevention, protection and correction. And so, he recommends the use of Varilux® lenses for his fellow forty-somethings who find themselves with presbyopia.

Varilux® progressive lenses are recognized worldwide as an optimal solution to achieving natural, sharper vision in any distance, with smooth transition in between. Using patented W.A.V.E 2.0 and Binocular Booster™ lens technologies, Varilux® lenses help those in the prime of their lives see effortlessly in any distance, and also help boost their active lifestyles.

Piolo shares, “We need healthy vision to see and enjoy every moment in our life, which is why it is important that we take care of our eyes. I am glad that I can raise awareness by being an ambassador of Essilor. I’ll continue doing my best in promoting healthy vision to everyone.”

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