How my Home Office benefits me

Working at home is common nowadays in this age of telecommuting. If you’re thinking of doing the same, here are some benefits of a home office:HappyA home office entitles me to save more. You can deduct the business portion of real estate taxes, mortgage interest, rent, utilities, insurance, painting, repairs, and depreciation of your home office. But to do this, you have to use your home office strictly for business. If you’re using the computer in the home office to work but your kids are also using it to play games or do their homework, you can’t make any deductions.

A home office gives me a good place to work. Without one, I can probably working in the kitchen or in front of the TV. Either way, I’ll be distracted and won’t finish my writing job. With my own space, I can lock my door and concentrate on what I’m doing. My kids are intelligent enough not to disturb me when a “Don’t Disturb” sign hanging on my door.

With my own space, I can easily organize my things according to my own preferences.. All work-related papers and documents were arrange accordingly. That way, I can find what I want in a iffy and my documents and papers aren’t scattered around the house.

Lastly, with my own space I can manage our home too. It is a great place to take care of our household bills, personal appointments and other things that need my attention. Also I have lot of time to cook home cooked meals for my kids. When I’m not busy I can sit down with my kids watching our favorite TV shows. This home office helps me put things in their proper perspective.

If your working online just likes me, it’s a must to start looking for your own space at home rather than working anywhere.