Caffe Veloce Production features Brillante Mendoza in Club de l’Etolle in Paris

There’s so much to love about the Philippines and her people and Caffe Veloce Production is determined to make sure everyone in the country as well as in France knows it through a series of grand signature productions uniquely their own participated in by Filipino and French communities in different Filipino events, one of which will be next month headlined by Cannes winning director Brillante Mendoza at the Club de l’Etolle in Paris.caffeveloceCaffe Veloce Production lead by Stephane Triffault and Vladelyte Valdez-Ramos was formerly a division of S 101 Trading that specialized in the import and export of coffee beans all over Europe.

Lately, the people of Caffe Veloce Production have worked towards
doing more hallmark projects and in the process diversifying and expanding their reach by going into fashion, film, and participating in various international events that bring together divergent Filipino communities all over France.brillantemendoza3To date, they have worked on five films: Kusina, a Cinemalaya 2016 entry; Memories of the Beginning for FILMADRID 2016, a worldwide festival now in its second year; Daughters of the Three Tailed Banner, the first part of Bangsamoro filmmaker Teng Mangansakan’s Moro2mrw film, which won two major prizes at the World Premieres Film Festival in July; Santelmo; and Straight to the Heart, a CineFilipino 2016 entry. All of them were well received, bringing a sense of pride to Filipinos all over the world.

Since its initial attempts to diversify were met with success, Caffe Veloce Production is confidently moving forward with its main goal to strengthen France’s relationship with the Philippines and vice-versa.

To that end, they will soon be holding a series of events designed to highlight that indeed the Philippines has a lot to offer. Over the next months, this team will work together with the embassy and the community and corporate partners to illicit participation from a broad cross-section of the communities.img_0113 img_0105Kicking things off on November 18, 2016 is the P-Noise Filipino Film Festival. It will be held at the Club de l’Etolle in Paris and shine a light on multi-awarded filmmaker Brillante Mendoza, whose latest work made a splash at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year. This event will be bannered by a masterclass conducted by Direk Brillante himself, as well as the Avant Premiere of his latest film, Ma’ Rosa.middleThere are also plans to hold a retrospective of Direk Brillante’s work in June 2017, to underscore his contributions to global cinema.

“There’s so much to love about the Philippines and her people,” shares Stephane Triffault, founder of Caffe Veloce Production. “We are determined to make sure everyone in the Filipino and French communities recognize the country’s potential through the works
of bright talents such as director Brillante Mendoza.”

With his valuable contributions to Philippine cinema, Brillante Mendoza has recently been recognized as one of the country’s modern-day heroes through Johnnie Walker’s Keep Walking Philippines, a campaign that aims to inspire Filipinos by highlighting
incredible, real stories of heroic ambition that have made a positive difference in the lives of others. The brand supports Mendoza, whose on-going efforts continue to shine a light on Philippine cinema on a global scale.

Not afraid to show the grittier side of his hometown, the director’s no-holds barred approach to his work has persistently set him apart from his contemporaries.

“Working with very limited resources, I had to create something that would make an impact,” shares Mendoza on the work he’s done. “It’s not going to be a Hollywood film definitely but it’s a film that’s very rich in content, but I think that’s our strength.”

Caffe Veloce Production is also cooking up a food festival of sorts to be held in June next year. They’re calling it the “Maharlika Trade Expo”, “Barrio Fiesta and Concert 2017” and they want it to be a showcase not just of Filipino food and music, but of different companies from the country’s agriculture and tourism sectors too.img_0122Lastly, the production is mounting a fashion show called “Filipina: The Fashion Show” where Filipino fashion designers and RTW companies will get to show off their latest collections alongside those by up-and-coming French designers.

All of these events are geared towards introducing Filipino businesses to the Parisian scene. Caffe Veloce Production is eager to show the French community that there is a lot to do and see in the Philippines by giving them a look at what’s going on in our agriculture, education, manufacturing and of course, tourism sectors.

Not only will this help the Philippines gain more prominence in the international community but will also be a great reminder to Filipinos everywhere that we have a lot to be proud of.

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