LesoFat and LesoCarb: InnoGen Pharma’s solution to obesity

Filipinos love to eat. This explains why many restaurants and fast food chains are packed with hordes of hungry people, especially during weekends and holidays.

However, eating too much is no longer healthy since it contributes to obesity. This is the main reason behind many life-threatening diseases like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes to name a few.endorsers-with-innogen-executivesIndeed, Filipinos are no stranger to obesity and the many health problems it brings. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization said the nation tops the list of countries with the highest obese population together with India. The local Food and Nutrition Research Institute added that 3 out of 10 Filipinos are obese.

Being overweight is what drove Cindy Patrimonio and Marielle Mamaclay to search for a good solution to their problem.cindy-patrimonio-nowCindy Patrimonio

“I decided I needed to change and started getting healthy last year. I was feeling sluggish and felt bad about how I looked. Being overweight for 16 years was long enough. I wanted to lose weight in a healthy way. I was also depressed and felt the need to divert all that negative energy into something else,” according to Cindy, wife of celebrity cager Alan Patrimonio.

Her predicament was shared by World Championship of Performing Arts 2010 Grand Champion Marielle Mamaclay who was also bothered about her unhealthy weight.marielle-mamaclay-nowMarielle Mamaclay

“Being a performer, I have to look presentable. When I gained a lot of weight, I started to lose confidence. I felt ugly and cried a lot,” she revealed.

Marielle’s weight problem also took a toll on her health. She was sick almost every month. That became her wake up call.

Exercise and diet are the keys to losing weight, but these measures may not be enough. That’s why Innogen Pharma has two products that will help people lose weight safely and effectively. These are LesoFat and LesoCarb.lesofat-photo-1-1 lesocarb

LesoFat (orlistat) blocks 30% of the fat that you eat. It comes in two variants: 120 milligrams (mg) for obese adults and 60 mg for obese teenagers. Take one capsule whenever you gorge on a high-fat meal and watch it work wonders in your body.

LesoCarb is an all-natural lifestyle supplement made of white kidney bean. It reduces the absorption of carbohydrates up to 66%. In effect, it lessens the amount of calories the body absorbs. Take 1 – 2 capsules of LesoCarb after a high-carb meal and you can rest easy, knowing you’re doing something about your weight.

These two products have helped Cindy and Marielle reach their ideal weight and gave them the confidence the face the world again. Both LesoFat and LesoCarb are available at leading drugstores nationwide. For more information, follow these products on Facebook.