Create memories with Lily’s coffee by Conlins

Whether it’s preparing for the day ahead or serving a cup to a friend or loved one, a great brew helps to set the mood, slow down the pace, and create a sense of warmth. For many, drinking coffee is not an empty act, but part of a beautiful ritual wherein you can savor the fullness of flavor and reflect in the goodness of the moment.

Eric Lim, the COO of Conlins Coffee Company and licensed coffee Q grader, is driven to create this same experience with every cup he brews and every product he creates: “For me, great coffee is an everyday indulgence, and it helps to make ordinary moments extraordinary.”14513593_120300000366567333_289456575_oEric Lim, the COO of Conlins Coffee Company shares, how coffee change his life.

“Lily’s by Conlins is actually a tribute to my late mother. When l was a child, l would excitedly make breakfast and whip up a cup of coffee for her. Of course, it was just instant coffee. But the special, simple act of mixing the coffee with milk and sugar felt like such a grown up thing. Until today, I remember those moments with fondness. Coffee became an opportunity for us to bond,” shares Lim.

Just in time for the Christmas season, Conlins proudly launches its newest line of premium instant coffee made from special micro-ground roasts- Lily’s by Conlins.

Inspired by nostalgia, and also a way to remember Eric Lim mom “Lily,”, Lily’s by Conlins comes in three distinct flavors that brim with warmth and sweetness.14527396_120300000362725272_703324601_n

The Royal Latte offers a rich heavenly brew that’s tempered with a fresh hint of honey. Whether for breakfast or for your afternoon coffee break, this latte instantly helps to perk up your senses.


For those who enjoy the delicateness of this Italian favorite, Lily’s Luxury Cappuccino serves a smooth experience with the same creamy lightness of milk. The final sprinkle of cinnamon on top makes for the perfect relaxing cup.

Lily’s Luxury Cocoa, on the other hand, is the ultimate temptation for adults who never outgrew their penchant for hot chocolate. An elevated version of the sweet treat, Lily’s Luxury Cocoa is a dark indulgent cup that beautifully melds the rich aromas and flavors of premium roast coffee. It offers a delightful balance of richness and sweetness that everyone will love.14467134_120300000364416464_1106989604_oWith every cup by Lily’s by Conlins, feel free to indulge. Treat yourself and the people you love with a distinct brew that marries the convenience of instant coffee with the luxury of premium coffee blends.14466427_120300000365910958_1479631204_oLily’s by Conlins are available in 250 grams tins for Php 350.00 at Greenbelt 5, Coffee Lab (beside ALESSI) in Banifacio Global City and The Coffee Laboratory in Ayala Center Cebu 3rd Level.

For more information, visit, follow them on Instagram: @co/Teelabph, or call 0917-8671720; Alessi Cebu 0917-3143942; and Conlins Elements Greenbelt 5, 091 7-86 71 720 or you may email