Bubbleman saves the day at Joy Mendiola’s birthday bash

Being a mom is the most challenging job ever! My kids are home schooled, so there are lots of difficulties and challenges I need to go though every day.10309552_1692446964300241_4318181160636188721_nWith my husband and kids, during our family week-ends dates.

One of these is washing the dishes. Yes, this common task can be quite challenging, especially since my kids love to eat and I love to cook. Dirty dishes are piling up daily that sometimes I wish there was a machine that could wash them all at once. Unfortunately, that is an impossible dream.

Often, I turn to a cheap dishwashing liquid or make use of leftover soap to clean the dishes, but these can’t remove stubborn grease, stains, and the unpleasant smells that are present. I also can’t rid of fishy odors.Snap 2016-07-25 at 14.48.26

When Joy Mendiola, a fellow mom and Joyful Lifestyle Blogger (www.occasionsofjoy.com), invited us to her birthday party and introduced Bubble Man dishwashing liquid, I felt excited for this was probably the answer to my dishwashing problem.

I was right! Bubble Man is an eco-friendly dishwashing liquid that is safe for the entire family. It is made by a Filipino-owned company that cares for the environment and its products are guaranteed eco-friendly and gentle on the hands. You can say goodbye to hand gloves! As its name implies, Bubble Man bubbles easily that even my kids now love to wash their own plates.P_20160725_143012

Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid is a product of Mikewell World of Household Products Company and available at various supermarkets nationwide. It comes in the following sizes: 880ml, 55ml, 270ml with the price ranging from P32.50 – P65.00.

At Joy’s party, I also enjoyed the Maki Making session with Jannet Salazar, mom who loves art, food, and photography. Because of her love for these things, she focused on food art and has documented her creations through photography. She also has a photobooth biz and specializes in arts and crafts making.P_20160712_154338My Maki 

Jannet is also the 1st Filipina art maki instructor certified by the Japan Sushi Instructors Association (JSIA) The certification was completed at the Tokyo Sushi Academy in Tokyo Japan.P_20160712_145331

Of course, who can forget the best part of Joy’s birthday party? I loved the food served at the Tokyo Café at Go Hotels along EDSA, Mandaluyong City. I enjoyed the great coffee and the deliciously authentic Euro-Japanese cuisine.

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