Feast on two of the hottest reality cook-offs with DIVA Loves Food

DIVA, the leading women’s entertainment destination from NBC Universal International Networks, presents two of the hottest reality cooking competition television events as part of its “DIVA Loves Food” line-up:

What if you could only guide a completely clueless cook to create the best restaurant quality dish through an ear piece? Isolated in their own private booth while watching their clueless cook on a monitor, two of the country’s hottest chefs go head to head with each other! It’s ego against ego and dish against dish. Who will emerge victorious? Watch Chef In Your Ear to find out!
Premieres 9 May, Monday at 10:20pm
New episodes every Monday to Wednesday at 9:25PMMKR 2016 Group 1 - Cheryl & Matt (QLD) (2)

Keep your aprons on as the most popular and hotly contested cooking competition show in Australia, My Kitchen Rules, serves up its seventh installment on DIVA. With renowned UK chef Rachel Khoo joining as the newest judge, this season is bound to be even hotter than ever!

Watch as 18 talented teams go face to face in “instant restaurant rounds,” where they cook up three-course meals in the hopes of demonstrating their culinary superiority. Will Indonesian sisters Tasia and Gracia be able to impress the judges with their cooking style? Who will be the last chef standing?