Free your home with crawling and flying insects

It’s nice to unwind in your very own home after a hard day at the office. But if it isn’t properly cleaned and maintained, your home can harbor a number of pesky insects and creepy crawlies. Among the unwanted guests who may visit your humble abode includes beetles, cockroaches, ants, mices and rats.
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What makes your home an inviting place for these critters? Survival is the name of the game here. Just as we need food and water to live, our small neighbors need these things too which makes your place a likely target of insects.
Consider diving beetles for instance. These insects can survive in your bathtubs or bathroom since they store air in their abdomens. This makes it easy for them to swim for long periods since they only need a small amount of air while under water. If you enjoy an evening dip in your bathtubs, be warned that diving beetles are attracted to light so you may see them more often at night than during the day. 
To prevent your home being invaded by diving beetles, properly filter the water and keep it clean and treated with chemicals.
The cockroach is another insect that may find your home an attractive place. It can live for days without food but needs water daily which is why you can see it near water sources. The bad news is that roaches are a bad source of bacteria that can affect you. 
Ants may also invade your kitchen. Left-overs foods are their favorite. As well as mice and rats.
Keeping your home clean and healthy use some cleaning products that can repel them. That’s why Jardine Distribution’s  has its full line of Home Pest Solutions.
Their line of products offer solutions against rodents, mosquitoes, ants and cockroaches. Let’s take a closer look at their products:
Optigard Cockroach Bait: 
  • Controls all cockroach species
  • Dual mode action: Attracts and Kills
  • Fast acting
  • Odorless and no mess
  • Lasts up to 3 months protection
  • Kills many with one application
  • Safe and convenient gel form
  • It has advanced technology in killing and eliminating roaches.
  • Optigard has unique dual mode of action with no documented resistance to the active ingredient. It also provides longer protection better than spray. That could last for 30 days.

ZAP AK (AK Stands for All Knockdown) Multi Insect Killer 
  • A high quality insecticide specially formulated to provide fast- killing power against mosquitoes, cockroaches and flies without the irritating smell.
  • Faster knockdown power
  • Has an anti-dengue formula to combat dengue carrying mosquitoes.
  • Great value for money
  • ZAP AK is more affordable, yet provides better performance than other brands.
Klerat Rat and Mice Killer

  • Single feed – Klerat kills both rat and mice in just one feed. Other rodenticides can only get rid of rats and not mice. Other rat killers in the market also require several feeding for them to acquire enough poison before they die, thus, more expensive to use.
  • Klerat contains Brodifocoum, the latest and most effective rodenticide in the country against rats and mice.
  • Less cost per rat – Just a little of Klerat is all you need to kill rats and mice. Klerat requires the least amount of bait among all rodenticide baits. For a 250-gram rat, just 3 grams of Klerat is enough to kill it.
  • Kills rat and mice – Only Klerat contains Brodicacoum, the latest and most effective rodenticide in the market against rats and mice. Other brands can only kill rats.
  • Easy to use – the pellet is very convenient and ready to use. Klerat Pellet is in easy to use tray packs. While, Klerat Wax Block can be nailed to make sure it will stay in place.
So if you don’t want these creepy insects be your neighbors, visit Jardine Distribution Inc and their whole line of home pest solutions at their website or like them on Facebook: Jardine Distribution Inc.