Academy Award® winner Halle Berry returns for a brand new season of Extant. Reprising her role as astronaut Molly Woods, the multifaceted Halle Berry also executive produced this season of the show. EXTANT Season 2 premieres first, exclusive and express on RTL CBS Entertainment HD last July 14, Tuesday at 9:55pm.
EXTANT is a futuristic thriller about female astronaut Molly Woods played by Halle Berry who discovers she has unwittingly put the human race on a path to destruction. In season 2, the threat that Molly thought was contained in space is now earthbound and spreading to become a major problem here on Earth.Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Grey’s Anatomy and Supernatural) adds an element of edginess in this season as cop JD Richter, who teams up with Molly to protect humanity. 
Season 2 of EXTANT promises more action with new showrunners Elizabeth Kruger and Craig Shapiro (Necessary Roughness) taking on the helm with series creator Mickey Fisher. 
EXTANT is executive produced by Steven Spielberg and Halle Berry. Follow at 
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