Protecting Your Heart

After the holiday can literally break your heart because of increased stress, poor eating habits and forgoing healthful activities like going to the gym. These tips can protect your heart from the pain of excessive eating and lack of sleep:
Avoid salty and fatty foods. They sound delicious to many but eating at restaurants can be unhealthy and costly.  To save money, cook at home or go for simple fresh foods. This will give you a healthy weight. 
Exercise regularly. If you can’t afford that premium gym membership, that doesn’t mean you have to abandon exercising. Try inexpensive options like walking or swimming at the local pool. By exercising for 30 to 60 minutes a day, you can fight obesity and keep your heart strong and disease free.
Keep in mind that obesity can increase the risk of heart attacks, heart failure and diabetes. All the more reason why you should stick to a healthy diet and a good exercise program.
Get enough sleep. Sleep restores the body to a healthy state that’s why you should get enough of it. While sleeping, our bodies repair the damage that occurs during the day. Although we need eight hours of sleep at night, many people forget to sleep because of work, personal problems or other reasons. Experts say that’s not good for your health.
To sleep better, don’t bring the office to bed with you. Avoid doing stressful things before bedtime like paying bills, worrying about your diminishing retirement fund, or having a bad conversation with your partner or family. These simple measures will keep your heart in good shape.