Every Day Is Happy Day

A sip of Happy Day 100% fruit
juice is enough to make the day much brighter! A school tour program, “Every Day Is a Happy Day”, aims to
educate students and the faculty about the many benefits of drinking 100% fruit

In an effort to support the
Healthy Beverages Options Act 4021 of the Philippines, Happy Day’s “I Love Healthy Juices” signature
campaign aims to collect 5,000 signatures from 10 schools all over Greater
Metro Manila and nearby provinces. To date, 1,452 signatures have already been

Bill 4021 or Healthy Beverage Options Act insists on the need for the
regulation of the availability of beverages to children in schools. The
proposed statute provides that all schools shall educate the students in the
effects of the consumption of unhealthy food and drinks, including sugar, in
the body. HB 4021 seeks that softdrinks, drinks containing caffeine and
additional sweeteners, and fruit-based drinks with less than 50% real fruit
juice be not provided or sold in schools, while encouraging the selling or
providing of water, fruit juice with at least 50% real fruit juice content,
low- or –fat-free milk and calcium-fortified milk.

The “Every Day Is a Happy Day” program which started in July has gone to
Create and Learning Paths School, Multiple Intelligence International School,
Miriam College – Lower School, Makati Hope Christian School, and De La Salle
Zobel. Today, the students of Immaculate Heart of Mary College will be witness
to an entertaining afternoon with lots of information about 100% fruit juices.

An audio visual presentation
will highlight the process of creating fruit juices, from harvesting the fruits
to packing. A talk on the different types of juices and its health benefits
will be facilitated and then, MAD Science Philippines, the country’s premier
provider of dynamic science through educational entertainment, will showcase several
experiments to highlight the effect of drinking carbonated drinks or soda to
the body. After the show, everyone gets to try the Happy Day juice variants.  

With the growing awareness for health and wellness,
consumers have become savvier, preferring food and beverage options that
promote good health, are made with less preservative, and are culled from
nature’s bounties. Happy Day provides the perfect healthy alternative to
calorie-laden carbonated drinks and artificially-flavored fruit juices. 

Each liter of Happy Day 100% Orange contains the
juice of about 2.5 kilos of sun-ripened oranges. This not only guarantees
healthy highlights of drinking, but it also covers the daily requirement of
vitamin C with one glass. Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins for
its ability to transport “oxygen and hydrogen”. It functions as a catcher of
free radicals, improves the absorption of iron in the intestines, and protects
against cancer, arteriosclerosis and heart attack, among others. Aside from
Vitamin C, B-vitamins, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, beta-carotene,
cell defense substances, bioflavonoids, and selenium are found in every glass
of Happy Day.

Choose among these six Happy Day
1L variants: Orange, Apple, Cranberry, Multivitamin, Orange Juice Bits, and
Tomato. Kids will surely enjoy Happy Day 200ml in Apple and Orange flavors.

Fly Ace Corporation is
the exclusive distributor of Rauch Happy Day in the Philippines. For more
information, visit
www.rauch.cc and www.flyacecorp.com. Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/healthyfruitjuicesPH #ilovehealthyjuices #everydayisahappyday