How to Manage Your Time

Pareto’s Principle says that 80 percent of your
accomplishments are the result of only 20 percent of your efforts. This
explains how important time is in our lives. If you know how to master and
control time, you can work less and achieve more.

Personal time
management skills can help you get ahead in life. By knowing what to
prioritize, you can function well regardless of the pressures you’re facing. To
help you do more with your time, here are some practical tips to consider:

Photo grab from Google

Photo grab from Google

Plan ahead. Know what you want to accomplish and
make sure you do it. Learn how to quickly switch between tasks without wasting
valuable time. If you know what to do, you can certainly accomplish more.

Create a reasonable routine and stick to it. You
don’t have to work like a horse to get things done if time is on your side.
Minimize your workload and stress by following a routine. This will tell you
what to do next. Learn to adjust your own behavior and performance to your
daily routine to get things done quickly.

Take longer breaks. That’s right! You can have
longer breaks if you work for long periods of time and perfect your routine.
Rewarding yourself this way minimizes the time needed to refocus following a
short break.

Avoid interruptions. Don’t entertain unexpected
guests, gossip or take calls while working. These waste time and you won’t
accomplish much. Remember that it’s difficult to get back to work after being
interrupted. So stay focused and keep your eye on your schedule.
Don’t spend the whole day reading. Research
takes time and can eat up your schedule. While reading is essential, learn to
balance your time so you can do other things.