How to Choose Glasses that Fit your Style

My own style
Style’s of eyeglasses

My son Kurt’s style

Eyeglasses come in several styles and frames that’s it’s almost
difficult to choose the perfect pair. But it’s important to carefully consider
what to buy in order to get something that fits your personality and lifestyle.
This short article will tell you how to do that.
Don’t forget that your glasses are part of your overall look so be sure
to select something that will show people who you really are. Remember that
people will recognize you by your face and will always imagine you with your
glasses on so select frames that go well with the look you want to project.
Depending on what you want to project and how you want to appear –
sophisticated, fun-loving, youthful or 
conservative – the right glasses can make a big difference in how people
perceive you. If you decide to wear only a pair of glasses regardless of what
you do, that also says something about you.
In choosing the right eyewear, consider the various aspects of your
life. Who do you want to be? What do you want to tell people? What are the
different activities you engage in? What kind of work do you do? Answering
these questions can help you decide what to get.
If you are a business person, you should look the part. You should
appear professional, respectable and reliable. The right pair of glasses can
help you accomplish this. Select eyeglasses with simple shapes such as ovals
and rectangles and use traditional gold, silver or black instead of using a
bright colored or crazy pattern.

If you want to show how unique you are, be more creative with your eyewear. Go
for multi-colored glasses, thick frames and unique shapes to make a difference.