Be Careful When Buying Online Generic Drugs

When the patent of a brand name medication expires, a generic version of
the drug is usually made and sold. Like the original drug, the generic version
must utilize the same active elements of the brand name drug and it must meet
the same quality and safety standards.

In a perfect world, generic drugs are equal in safety and effectiveness
to their brand-name counterparts but they cost 30 to 80 percent less. If it’s
any consolation, about half of all generic drugs are manufactured by brand name
companies. These companies make copies of their own medications or another
company’s brand name drugs and sell them minus the brand name.
These generic drugs are often sold online and make it convenient for
users to purchase the medicines they need. The US Food and Drug Administration
sad over 400 American and foreign companies sell prescription medications
online. Many of these online pharmacies are legitimate and you can use their
services with the same confidence you have in your neighborhood pharmacy.
Unfortunately, the Internet can be a dangerous place to purchase generic
drugs. Some websites that sell drugs aren’t safe. They don’t follow legal
procedures and you could put your personal information at risk. Some medications
sold online are fake, haven’t been manufactured properly or are too strong and
may cause unwanted side effects
Others are too weak and may not treat your health condition. They may
contain ingredients that are dangerous to your health, have expired or are out
of date. Many of these fake generics aren’t approved by the FDA and haven’t
been checked for safety and effectiveness.